Click to watch the GRAB TAXI Viral Marketing Project, Bangkok, Thailand


An 18 hour day. Seven different exterior locations in steamy Bangkok Thailand. One heck of a fun project.

I landed a lot of roles as an actor in Thailand, but this advertisement for the S.E. Asian e-hailing application Grab was the one I most lucked out on. It was shot documentary style, a la guerilla filmmaking. I had the opportunity to improvise a lot and utilize my knack for physical comedy.

This blog post goes into more details about this Grab Taxi project in which I impersonated famous survivalist Bear Grylls as well as life as a Western actor in Thailand in general.


The video fared well online, garnering over five million views in less than a week. At one point after the video went viral on facebook I was stopped by some smiling Thais outside a 7-11 on the famed Khao San road. They wanted a selfie with me thinking I was the real Bear Grylls, adding to the surreality of the whole experience.

Click to watch WILSHIRE COYOTE, an experiment in low, practical and available light.

Shot in Los Angeles on a Beastgrip Pro September of 2017.
I wanted to go for a twilight look for this experimental short film. Thematically I called upon my Lynchian influences and the haunting cyberpunk vibe of Bladerunner. Fun shoot! We worked late at night at the L.A. Adventurer hotel near LAX. The hotel had upgraded me to a cottage free of charge so I used the opportunity to shoot something and I think it turned out well. Within days of editing it and publishing on youtube I was on a flight back to Bangkok.