Gabriel Walker Land

In an apocalyptic urban wasteland, where even dance is a lethal form of combat, a young man seeks a new beginning and discovers more than he can imagine. 


by Gabriel Walker Land
A tough young Cambodian woman must disguise herself as a man to enter a martial arts tournament so she can save her brother and her country from a vicious mafia warlord.



by Charles Onken, Gabriel Walker Land and Bing Nellasca


In the Golden Triangle region of Indochina a widowed former special forces operative enlists the help of a tough Thai ladycop to infiltrate a drone smuggling operation run by his old rival, a rogue CIA officer. 

seatown streets cover.png


A Slowly building mystery with an action set piece punch in the final act

A world-weary detective returns from Indochina to Seattle right as a heat wave hits and a string of grizzly murders among the homeless population is haunting his hometown.

After nearly a decade spent in Southeast Asia, a private detective returns home to Seattle only to find his hometown in ruins.

The atmosphere is heating up, the snow caps are melting, and someone is hunting and killing homeless people for sport.

The detective teams up with an off-duty cop who is stressed due to official corruption, and the string of clues leads the duo all the way up the food chain to the Pacific Northwest's billionaires.