When on a stakeout in the tropics, you either learn patience or you overheat. 

Pattaya HEAT is a hardboiled detective novel set in Sin City East: PATTAYA, a piss poor paradise that makes Las Vegas look like a PG-13 Disney movie. 

There detective Richy Sky uses his skills gained as an actor working in LA and Bangkok to infiltrate local espionage activities, working to pit former KGB Russian mafias and the US intelligence agencies against one another in a game of cat and mouse.

The thing is, Richy Sky ain't a cat or a mouse. He's a relentless dog with a damn good nose for trouble. 

Read Praise for Pattaya Heat:

"A refreshing young voice in the hard-boiled detective genre. Land's main sleuth is different...he's a former actor, and this allows him to slide in and out of various characters to get him, in the end, what he requires: information."

-Martin Fossum, author of Beyond Asmios



In Fringe Drifter, a cyberpunk/space opera mashup, a reconnaissance pilot is assigned the mission of delivering advanced nuclear weaponry far into known space. Not all is as it seems though, and the Company he works for has a few surprises up their sleeve. 


Read praise for Fringe Drifter:


"Highly Recommended as a quick but immersive SciFi experience. Four and a half RESOLUTE Stars."


     -RBS Productions (top 1000 rated reviewer on Amazon)


In the dystopian short story Skypeople Down, a team of guerilla fighters conducts night raids into dystopian Los Angeles to save mankind from mechanized robots sent to ensure humanity's destruction.


Read praise for Skypeople Down:

"Epic! Enjoyed it and am hoping for sequels as well."