Greetings internet drifters. You've stumbled upon the official website of Gabriel Walker Land.


Walker is a screenwriter and fiction author splitting his time between Southern California and SE Asia, wearing down the keyboard on his laptop as he works on a new hardboiled mystery novel. His first, Pattaya Heat, made it to the top of Amazon's bestselling new detective novels in 2018.

Gabriel Walker Land's specialties as a writer include unique characters, intense action sequences, and crackling dialogue, always tipping his hat to comedic relief and a sense of the absurd. 

Over the years Gabriel has worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a wilderness survival camp counselor in Washington, an English tutor in China, a beat reporter in Cambodia, and an actor in Mexico. He spent eleven years acting in Hollywood and eight years as a piano mover in Seattle, preferring the latter. Walker believes that the best way to improve as a writer is to get away from the desk, go out into the world, take risks, and experience life. 


Currently, Walker resides in SE Asia. 



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